Private classes

Train your pet yourself, with the help of a professional!

Private consultations begin with an initial evaluation. During this meeting, your trainer will assess your situation, help you define your goals, and offer you concrete plan to the short and long term. You will decide together on the number and frequency of the follow-ups, and on the amount of homework you feel you can do between each session. If it is what you want, we might be able to recommend a hybrid of private and group classes. This meeting can take place at the Center, at your home, or online.

This service is meant to help families of dogs and cats. It can target general training (puppy manners or obedience) or behavior modification such as reactivity training, litterbox problems, etc.

It is the best option for families who want to participate in the whole training process, guided and coached by a professional trainer.

Prices for private classes

At the CenterAt home / OutdoorsOnline
Initial evaluation (60-90min)150 $170$125$
Individual session (60min)110$130$100$
3 sessions package315$360$280$
6 sessions package605$690$550$
9 sessions package880$990$800$

*For at-home evaluations, we first need to make sure we can go in your area! To do so, please write to with a mention of your postal code and the main reason of the consultation. We will get back to you in the next business day.