The Professional Training

One of our professionals trains your dog,
then shows you how to use the new behaviors!

The Professional Training starts with a private evaluation. During this meeting your trainer will define with you the behaviors you want trained. They will then be able to orient you towards one of the packages, to be able to fit your goals in a concrete training plan. This evaluation is 60-90min long, and costs 150$. The trainer will also give you the management plan you will have to follow, to not deconstruct all your dog’s progress at home without knowing it!

This service is tailored for families who don’t have time for all the training their dogs need, the ones who need fast progress, or simply the ones who would like a boost in their progress! It is adapted to work on general training (puppy manners, obedience) and on behavior modification such as: dogs who run away, pull on leash, jump on guests, countersurf, can’t have their nails trimmed, …

During 4 weeks, the trainer will exclusively train your dog when they are with it. These intensive programs come with management recommendations to protect the training. All the sessions will take place at the Center, indoors or outdoors. A real training bootcamp!

All the packages come with 2 transfert sessions. These 30min meetings allow you to ask your questions to your trainer. They are also the time for your trainer to show you all you can do with your newly trained dog, so that you can actually use the new behaviors in your daily life.

Professional Training packages

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Price
Easy-Peasy package:
for basic education
3 2211920$
(value of 2900$ !)
Progressive package:
for dogs who need time to adapt
(value of 3900$ !)
Intensive package:
for bad habits or reactive dogs
(value of 5000$ !)
All-In package:
for dogs with multiple training goals
(value of 5700$ !)
Number of half-days of training per week, in each package

The training schedule is 8:45am to 12:15pm in the morning, and 1:30pm to 5pm in the afternoon.

The family is responsible for bringing their dog equipped with a harness and a leash, the tag for the city licence, a chewing activity, and finally Fido’s meal and favorite treats. Individual lockers are available if you would like to leave Fido’s bag at the Center.