Puppy starter kit

Having a puppy is fun, tiring, challenging… and expensive. We are here to help you save, with these starter kits for puppies.

With items specifically chosen by our training team, we offer a kit for small breeds, and one kit for medium to large breeds.

In these kits, you will find:

  • An interactive bowl, adapted to each size, to give your dog some mental stimulation at each meal.
  • A Kong toy, for snacks that will keep your puppy busy and burn some energy!
  • A chewing toy (Benebone puppy or Yak cheese), to allow your adorable destructor to chew on legal outlets.
  • More chewing activities to help you practice being calm,
  • A plush toy, because Fido also need some fun!
  • A pack of pee-pads, very useful the first few days to teach housetraining, and for traveling.
  • A can of pumpkin digestive supplement, because all puppies will get diarrhea at least once!
  • A rope toy, to play with their teeth in an appropriate and safe manner.
  • Two cans of wet food of the best quality, from Ovenbaked Tradition.
  • A bag of treats from the local company Petit Muso (3 choices available)
  • A treat bag from the local company Le Chien Blanc !
  • 5 rolls of poop-bags, because our little angels are still live beings…

And finally, even better…

  • A flat collar (small or medium) from RC Pets, for the tags,
  • A leash from RC Pets,
  • 20$ off your next harness in the shop!
  • Free food samples, with our recommendations tailored for your puppy and your needs.

How much is that all?

The small breed kit, which is worth 140$+tx, is only 115$+tx.

The medium/large breed kit, which is worth 150$+tx, is only 125$+tx.

We help you equip your puppy with the best, without spending all your savings! Not bad, right?