Fitness program

A dog’s physical health is an integral part of it’s general well-being.

Whether your dog is overweight or underweight, the long term consequences can be quite dire.

Has your vet dropped a few hints about how Rufus could stand to lose a few pounds? You think that yourself, but you’re not sure? Or the worst: you know your dog needs to lose weight… but have no clue how to do that? Surely your dog will drive you insane if you reduce it’s daily food!

This program is what you need!

The first appointment, which lasts about 30 minutes, includes:

– weighing your dog and estimating the body condition score,
– establishing current feeding regiment and physical exercise habits,
– recommendation of good chewing options,
– a free interactive toy, size appropriate for your dog.

In the following week, you will receive:
– a custom tailored feeding plan, with a food change recommendation if necessary,
– a muscle and/or joint reinforcement plan, to help your dog through the upcoming changes. You will have those training drills in video format, so you can watch them over and over if need be!
– a physical activity plan, to progressively introduce your dog’s new routine.

And for follow-ups ?
– a weigh-in each week (we have a scale fit for large dogs at the Center)
– follow-up and adaptation of the physical activity plan, every 2 weeks
– a new muscle and/or joint reinforcement plan, once a month (3 total)

That’s 3 months of intensive coaching for only 259.99$! A great opportunity to get Fluffy back in shape!

To get started, give us a call at (514)518-6791.