The socialization class

Supervised socialization, between puppies of the same age!

The socialization period is crucial in a puppy’s development. It is during this period that your puppy will form its opinions on everything that he will experience in life, and will decide wether these things are funny or scary: new people, new dogs, new places, new sounds, body-handling and restreint, …

The socialization classes allow your puppy to play with dogs of the same age range, under the supervision of a dog trainer. Your puppy will also meet new peopple, play in a new place and walk on new textures, hear new sounds, smell new smells, etc. It’s also a good opportunity to ask your questions to a professional dog trainer! Shy puppies are also welcome to add a socialisation class to their group puppy class.

We welcome 10 puppies (and their families) at most per class on Sundays and 5 puppies at most on Wednesdays (ideal for shy puppies!). All puppies will interact while taking into account their size, confidence, and social skills. We reserve the right to pause or stop the class for a puppy, to always keep all the interactions pleasant for all participants. Each class will last 45 minutes to avoid the overstimulation effect.

To participate, your puppy must:

– have received at least one dose of the DHPP and Bordetella vaccines, at least a week before the class,
– be 8 to 16 weeks old,
– reserve its spot, to allow us to organize and keep all puppies and humans safe,

The socialization class is at 25$ +tx.