Stéphane Fiset

Dog Trainer

My entry into the dog world was rough. I adopted a beatiful Malamute and did pretty much everything wrong. Frustrated and wanting to understand what my mistakes were, I became a volunteer for the Montreal SPCA which immediately set the course for my future in canine behavior.

I finished my initial course in 2016 and, like any good trainer, I try and maintain a steady continued learning schedule to stay up to date on the science of dog training.

My goal as a trainer is to help people avoid the terrible mistakes I did myself and help establish pleasant and healthy relationships between humans and their furry friends.

Most of my experience as a dog trainer comes from the hundreds of group classes, as well as private consultations for all manner of goals such as training puppies, teenagers or even aggression throughout the years.

I’ve been a part of the De la main à la patte team since the center opened in 2021 and am happy to be here to help you shop and train!

My specialties : dogs who are fearful of strangers and new people and group classes.

Continued Learning


-Exploring Advanced Animal Training Concepts – Karolina Westlund

-Expanding your force free toolkit – Chirag Patel (parties 3 & 4)

-“Mon chien en ligne – Un événement contagieux” – Une panoplie de présentations par tout pleins de gens du domaine canin sur une tonne de sujets

-Remote Consultations for Aggression Cases – Michael Shikashio

-Using Enrichment to treat Aggression – Emilie Strong and Allie Bender

-When sh*t hits the fan – Defensive handling or Emergency Scenarios – Michael Shikashio

-Beyond the Bite, Crucial Consulting skills for working aggression cases – Melanie Cerone

-Stress vs Anxiété vs Réactivité – Joel Dehasse

-Rethinking Puppy Classes – Adam Delderfield

-80 years of changing behavior – Bob Bailey

-A journey of self – Christina Cass

-Watching and Wondering –  The Science and Soul of Dog Training

-It’s not the dogs, it’s the people – Irith Bloom

-Mindset Matters – Reframing Reactivity – Janet Finlay

-Creating Resilience and Tolerance to Frustration Through Shaping and Play

-Aging Dogs – Lori Stevens

-Bitey end of business – Micheal Shikashio

-Popping the bubble! – Sarah Whitehead

-The Art of Delivering Instructions – Theresa McKeon


-Canine Separation Anxiety – Malena DeMartini

-Expanding your force free toolkit –  Chirag Patel (parties 1 & 2)


-Agressive behavior in dogs –  Chirag Patel

-Behavior Medications – Jennifer Summerfield

-But my dog isn’t motivated – Katy Sdao

-Errorless Learning –  Susan G Friedman

-Learning to look, looking to see –  Donna Hill

-Leave it – Pam Dennison

-What’s going on with adolescent dogs –  Claudia Estanislau

-Premiers soins Animaliers – Wags and Walks 


– Anxiété de séparation – De Main De Maître

– Protection des ressources –  De Main De Maître

– Stratégies de renforcement avancées –  De Main De Maître

– Concepts avancés en entraînement canin – De Main De Maître

– Tenue de consultation – De Main De Maître  


-Formation Jacinthe Bouchard 

-Bénévole pour l’équipe d’enrichissement et d’entraînement de la SPCA de Montréal (2016-2017)

-Détection d’odeurs – De Main De Maître

-Réactivité Canine – De Main De Maître

-Résolution de problèmes de comportements – De Main De Maître

-Suivi des consultations données par les éducatrices de De Main De Maître pour voir leurs méthodes de travail

-Séminaire sur le langage canin et les manipulations – Coeur canin